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Working in Australia

The benefits of working in Australia
  • course-related work is an advantage in the graduate labour market
  • casual work provides useful income for students
  • provides opportunities to practise your English language skills, meet new people and develop useful contacts.
Your rights while working in Australia

Before commencing paid work in Australia you should be aware of your rights and responsibilities as an employee. Here are some things to watch out for after starting work in Australia:

  • make sure you are being paid at or above the minimum rate of pay. You can check this on the Fair Work Ombudsman website
  • think carefully about doing unpaid 'trial work'. You should be paid for all work you undertake (unless you are volunteering or undertaking work experience arranged through your education provider)
  • take time to carefully read through any contract or Australian Workplace Agreement you are asked to sign.

Below is a list of websites that can help you with any questions, such as if you're getting paid the right amount, or where to get advice if you think you have been unfairly dismissed:


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