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Victoria (VIC)

Melbourne and Victoria

Belbourne is the gateway to the Australian state of Victoria, with its amazing natural beauty and great tourist attractions.

Enjoy an enviable international student lifestyle in Victoria's cosmopolitan towns and cities, with good health services, advice and support.

Experience world famous sporting events, quality local and international cuisines, white sand beaches, mountains, beautiful parks and gardens, festivals and free community events.

A great education

Victoria offers modern schools, vibrant vocational education and training opportunities, nine excellent universities and English language institutes. Victorian universities also lead the way in global research and development.

Melbourne has a long tradition of academic excellence. Graduates of Melbourne’s universities have excelled in all fields. They have won Nobel prizes, literary and artistic awards.

You’re very welcome

Melbourne and Victoria's regional cities are welcoming multicultural places to study.

Welcome Desk

New international students who arrive at Melbourne Airport at peak times in January, February and July are greeted with helpful information for free at the Welcome Desk.

Culture Card

A free international students' Culture Card is the key to exciting cultural experiences all across Victoria. Use your Culture Card to get special offers on sports and arts events.

International Student Care Service

Access friendly and professional advice, information and referral to local help and community resources. This special phone support is a free service for international students in Victoria.

Where your future takes off

Visit the Study Melbourne website and discover what makes Melbourne and Victoria a favourite destination for study and lifestyle.

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