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Queensland (QLD)

Queensland is Australia's second largest state. Capital city Brisbane has a population of around 1.8 million people and is located in the sub-tropical south-eastern corner of the state. The city is about 30km from the coast, on the banks of the Brisbane River. It has experienced significant growth and development in the past ten years and continues to blossom as Australia’s fastest growing capital city.

Recent city expansion means that there are now even more shopping, eating and entertainment options available. There is a wide range of markets to explore each weekend, all of which are outdoors due to the warm Queensland climate. There is also a thriving arts scene.

For fun in the sun, there are a number of islands close by where you can relax and enjoy beach and water activities. These include Moreton Island, North and South Stradbroke Islands, Bribie Island and St Helena Island.

Just an hour south-east of Brisbane is one of the most famous stretches of beach in the world — the Gold Coast. This area, which includes Surfers Paradise, takes advantage of what nature has so generously provided: miles of golden sand, surf beaches and warm water. It is now one of the world’s major tourist destinations and attracts countless visitors — both domestic and international — for the scenery and the party atmosphere.

Still on the Queensland coast, but around 1500km north of the Gold Coast is Cairns, now one of Australia's busiest tourist centres, and one of the main destinations from which to explore the Great Barrier Reef. This world heritage listed natural wonder stretches over 2500km and is the largest coral reef in the world.

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