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Living Costs

International students in Australia can expect to spend around $400 per week on accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transport, travel, telephone calls and other costs. The amount an individual will spend will, of course, vary according to factors such as lifestyle, the type of accommodation they choose, and the type and location of the course they study.

Australia offers not only world-class education, and a relaxed and easy lifestyle but also affordability. Both living and university costs are typically lower than in the USA and UK. A study conducted on the cost of Big Macs around the world highlights the lower prices in Australia.

The Mercer Human Resource Consulting 2008 worldwide cost of living survey found that only two Australian cities, Sydney at number 15 and Melbourne at number 36, appeared on the list of the 50 most expensive cities to live. The UK has the third most expensive city—London, while New York comes in at number 22.