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Due to its multicultural heritage Australia offers a fantastic variety of food from all over the world. Each wave of immigrants brought new food and customs with them — European migrants introduced espresso coffee, the Vietnamese brought pho and migrants from the sub-continent brought spicy curries. Whatever cuisine you feel like, you will find it in most parts of Australia.

For some quintessential Aussie food, try to find these delicacies: Australia also has a great range of quality produce including meat, fish, and fresh fruit and vegetables, all available at markets and supermarkets. In addition, bakeries, butchers, fruit and vegetable shops, delicatessens, and other specialty food shops are common throughout the country so it won’t be difficult to find everything you need to cook your favourite foods at home.

  • pavlova (see photo above)
  • ANZAC biscuits
  • lamingtons
  • Tim Tams
  • Iced Vo-Vo’s
  • Vegemite
  • meat pie
  • damper