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Why Australia is the best option

Australia is an increasingly popular study destination with international students from across the globe. For many students, Australia may represent a better study destination than other popular alternatives like the UK and the US. Read on to find out why…

A welcoming place to live

Apart from being a great place to get a first rate education, Australia is also a fantastic place to live. It provides a welcoming and multicultural society with a population that originates from around 200 countries. Australian people have a reputation for being amongst the friendliest in the world, and Australian cities are safe and clean, with low crime rates.

A great lifestyle

The lifestyle and quality of living in Australia is among the best in the world. Several of Australia’s capital cities regularly rank among the world’s ‘most liveable’ cities. The Mercer 2010 worldwide quality of living survey recently found that three Australian cities ranked in the top 25 for overall quality of living. Sydney, Melbourne and Perth ranked 10th, 18th and 21st respectively, a feat not achieved by any US or UK city.

Better value for money

Australian education programs represent great value for money. Australian courses are often considerably cheaper than similar programs in the UK and the US, meaning that international students can save many thousands of dollars on tuition fees by choosing to study in Australia.

Not only this, Australian courses are often shorter than alternatives in other countries, particularly in the US. Most Australian degree courses can be completed in three years, and even less if the education provider works on a trimester system. This means that you can save a whole year's tuition fees if you choose to study in Australian rather than in the US or the UK.

Low cost of living

The Mercer 2010 cost of living survey found that only two Australian cities, Sydney at number 24 and Melbourne at number 33, appeared on the list of the 50 most expensive cities to live. The UK has the 17th most expensive city - London, while New York comes in at number 27.

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